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Tremaine Mallory is a producer, musician, singer/songwriter who was born in Los Angeles,
raised in Moreno Valley, CA. Tremaine was introduced to music at a young age. He discovered
his passion for music when learning how to play the saxophone and keyboard. His father was a
talented musician who played the saxophone and drums for various well-known bands.
Throughout the years, Tremaine decided to further evolve his career within the music industry by
receiving an Audio Engineering Certification at the Musician Institute in Hollywood. In late
2018, Tremaine released his first single called, “W/the Crew” followed by his EP called, “Blue
Circles” in the year 2019. Blue Circles EP was produced and written by him in where he utilizes
heavy 808s/trap drums with smooth progressions to set the mood for him to express his personal
experiences/relationships through the use of writing. To stay up to date with Tremaine Mallory’s new music and future
projects make sure to follow him at @tremainemallory on all social media platforms!

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